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Welcome to Ledgerndary Bookkeeping Solutions. Our aim is to streamline and simplify your administration and bookkeeping, all without breaking the bank. We take care of the hassle for you, so you can focus on your customers and the things that really matter for your business.
Ledgerndary Bookkeeping Solutions have been delivering the highest standards in the administration space and office solutions for over 35 years. As one of our clients you will not only leverage of our extensive industry experience but will also gain access to the latest technologies, best practices and a personalized customer experience.

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Customer Service excellence is at the heart of our organisation and that is exactly what sets us apart from the competition. We love what we do and are passionate about achieving outstanding results for our clients.

Anna’s BIO

Well what can I say….I have done a bit and seen a lot……
I have been doing Administration for 40 years and management for 36 years.
I started at Coles many moons ago as a checkout operator and worked my way up to Office Manager by the time I was 21. Became part of the furniture – the best part of the job was going from store to store helping others fixing up the Administration/books, putting procedures in place, training the staff and
watch them bloom..

From there I had a couple of small businesses, both at the time when GST was coming in and as the businesses were a want products’ and not a need product, we closed the doors. It was a learning experience to be taught.


I then became a practice Manager for an orthodontist and help build that company up. Due to the sudden loss of my husband, I had to give up that job, and had some R & R time. Time to get back to work after 6 months rest, and I worked for a major retail firm helping administration and franchisees with their businesses.

Time for a sea change…. Packed my life and came to Sydney from Perth

Worked with a liquor company for 3 years as their Company Finance Officer, helping them get systems and procedures in place. Loved it.

But I thought it is time to start my own business so I can get back into helping other business succeed, so here I am… Wanting to help you with your business….. So, let me wine and dine your books and join you on your ride and help you become what you want to become…


Mau’s BIO

I’m pretty much new to the field, I started working as a PT and then as the pandemic started, I had to venture to a different path. 

There were a lot of learnings and adjustments that had to be done, but I am very much willing to learn. I still have a long way to go but shifting to a different field of work is made easier by Anna’s and Judy’s help. 

After almost a year in the field, I realized that PT and bookkeeping are similar in a  way that they’re both usually overlooked but are very vital. They both serve as a building block to help a person (in PT) and in bookkeeping’s case, help both the person and their business to make them reach their optimum potential.